Monday, 26 December 2011

Shader news

I've made good progress on The Unweaving. Once my latest editing commission has been completed I'll be dedicating a few hours each day to getting book 3 finished. That will complete the first Shader trilogy. I'll then be free to resume work on book 4, The Archon's Assassin, which is already in fairly good shape.

I also have a Shader novella to finish off in the next few months -- The Seventh Horse.

The second book of The Chronicles of the Nameless Dwarf is also well underway. The Axe of the Dwarf Lords should appear before The Unweaving, probably at some point in January, once the cover art is finished.

Book 1, The Ant-Man of Malfen is currently only $0.99 in the US and Free in the UK.


  1. Very cool news! I was wondering if more would be coming in The Chronicles of the Nameless Dwarf so I'm very excited to see this post.

  2. Thanks. There are five planned books for the Chronicles. Book 2 is shaping up nicely and the cover art has been commissioned. The other bit of Nameless Dwarf news is that he makes his debut in The Unweaving (Shader book 3) which should be out in a few months.

  3. Book 2 is now almost finished. One more round of edits and then proofreading. Should be out within a week.